Black Spade RacingAmbassadors

Matt Dewhurst

British, Living in Dubai working as a Full Time Athlete & Triathlon Coach for My Tri Club Dubai. I’m a current Great Britain Athlete for the Age Group Middle & Long Distance Squads. In 2017 I placed 10th in the ETU Long Distance and won the Snowman Legend Half Ironman Distance Race in the UK. Since beginning triathlon it has changed my life for the better and helping do the same for others is very important to me. I try to be an example to all those I coach and show that hard work will always beat talent when talent doesn’t work hard!

Current Location: Dubai
Nationality: British
Favourite Food: Pizza!
Favourite Session: VO2 Max Effort on the Bike!
Short Term Goals: Qualify for Kona 2021

Mike Hewan

Entrepreneur and owns his own marketing company called Ninja Puppy PTY Ltd. Brands working with include TechnoGym, Wattbike, Discovery, Maserati and a few more. Currently main focus is road cycling with a keen interest in sprints with a nice kick. Has won 947, Tour Of Good Hope and many other big races in his category. Many mtb races done too. Two epics and many Sani2c and other stage races also winning overall series in MTN National Series years ago. Have done many tri’s and du’s too having gone to Duathlon Worlds twice years ago. I like the black spade Wheels for the way they role, their stiffness and for how light they are for a clincher... plus they look hot.

Trace Rogers

Trace Rogers is the Founder, ITCA and IRONMAN U certified Coach of GroWings Coaching. During her 7 year career as a coach, Trace has had success coaching beginners all the way up to Ironman finishers and Kona World Championship Qualifiers. Happy to trust her Blackspade Wheels to propel her towards her race goals.

Miguel de Waal

I am currently 15 years and working towards becoming a professionalmotocross racer. Although I started racing later in life than most of mycompetitors, I have manged to achieve some of the milestones that I have setout for myself. Dedication to my goals and passion in what I do are a few of mystrong points.

Current Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng
Nationality: South African
Favourite Food: Prawns and salad
Favourite Session: Hours in the sun on my Blackspade XC training for Motocross
Favourite Animal: Monkey
Goal For 2021: To finish in the top 3 of the South African National Championship

Collin Allin

I founded the brand in 2008 with one simple idea is mind : " By an athlete for an Athlete " I wanted to give athletes of all shapes and sizes and abilities the simple pleasure of riding nicer bikes and wheels. I've been competing ever since I can remember in all sorts of sports. 

I love going fast, no matter what the sport. I have a nickname of "Pornstar" because I am different and not afraid to be, I have also had custom equipment the whole way along.

Am currently based in Dubai, on another adventure and can often be found in or out of an airport somewhere in the world. Happiest place is on the bicycle in the sun with good friends.

Hilda Allin

South African Multisport athlete currently living in the Middle East - learning how to cope with high temperatures and surfaces flatter than a pancake. 

Successfully completed three 70.3HalfIronMan races and planning on a fresh 2019 Tri-season; tackling probably Colombo and Spain and possibly another couple.

Planning on exploring the female road cycling areana in Dubai this coming season, with the aim to win some podium positions.

Hilda has been chosen twice to represent Triathlon South Aftica at world championships for Duathlon- long and short course; with a top 25 finish.

Hilda said she’s excited to represent BSR:  “Even though it’s hot and humid here in Dubai, it certainly is a great environment to race your heart out! I hope to win some podium positions in road cycling and triathlon and put Black Spade Racing on the map here in the Middle East!”

Current Location: Doha - Qatar
Nationality: South African
Favourite Food: Sushi
Favourite Session: FTP 60sec repeats on a WattBike
Favourite Animal: Tiger
Goal For 2021: Get my running back to top form and work hard on better TT performance - build my FTP Power duration.